Case Study – Ecotecture

Informing retrofit works at

Aldas were asked to investigate the source of air leaks at Ecotecture’s commercial offices and the residence above. After a thorough investigation Aldas were able to identify and provide remedial works advice enabling the client to be informed and have a logical plan to tackle the existing issues.

Part 1 – Informing Retrofit Works

Part 2 – Retrofit Measures

Aldas’s thermographic study coupled with the air and smoke testing has been hugely important and eye opening for me, even with all my built experience the heat was leaking out of my building in areas I just would’t have understood without undertaking this survey. I thoroughly recommend to anyone looking at retrofit, get your building tested first BEFORE undertaking any work, because it will really help you identify the weak spots and target the areas that you wouldn’t necessarily think were that important. Absolutely brilliant thank you Paul and Team!

Jo Saady, Ecotecture

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