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We offer Airtightness consultancy for any type of project you may have


Aldas will assist you with delivering good Airtightness on new and existing dwellings


Aldas are able to offer Airtightness help on all kinds of commercial buildings

Design Planning

Aldas are able to offer help with building airtightness into the design phase

Domestic Housing Airtightness

Aldas will assist you with delivering good Airtightness on new and existing dwellings


Aldas carry out Pre-Improvement, Preliminary, Sectional & Acceptance tests with full reporting. For refurbishment projects this often combined with detailed thermographic surveys

Design Advice

Good design is key to achieving good airtightness. Aldas will assist with reviewing airtight designs and considering practical buildability. Our workshops enable the design team to identify and fix leakage risks

Air Leakage

Aldas use a range of tools and techniques to diagnose and find air leaks. These include: direct inspections, air velocity measurements, non-toxic smoke machines and infra-red thermography


Aldas provides training for all aspects of airtightness through a variety of on-line, face-to-face and on-site modules. Airtightness champions training facilitates oversight, toolbox talks enable bottom up effective sealing

Commercial Building Airtightness

Aldas are able to offer Airtightness help on all kinds of commercial buildings.

Design Advice

Minimising air-leakage risks is a key part of delivering large low energy non-domestic buildings. Aldas assist with early design reviews and the development of robust air barrier strategies


Aldas have been involved with some of the largest and most complex testing in the UK to date, including the St Sidwell’s Passivhaus swimming pool. Aldas carry out various air tightness tests with full reporting

Air Leakage

Aldas undertake direct inspections, air velocity measurements, non-toxic smoke application and infra-red thermography to diagnose and find air leaks to help you achieve minimal air leakage

Building Type

Aldas can assist you no matter what size your project or what kind of building it is. All Passivhaus and low energy non-domestic buildings are catered for, schools, health care facilities, student housing etc

Design Preparation

Aldas will help with including robust airtightness throughout the design phase

Design Review

Prevention of airtightness problems starts with the earliest design phases. Aldas reviews the airtightness design, working with your team to minimise air leakage risks and ensure that’s sealing strategies are robust and resilient

Air Barrier Strategy

A robust air barrier strategy underpins the design of your airtight project. It informs the essential specifications for airtightness and is a valuable training tool for the whole site team delivering your low-energy building

Preparing Oversight

Proving success in low energy projects requires evidence. Hence record keeping, quality control and planning the airtightness testing is essential. Aldas’s experience will assist your team in overcoming these challenges


Airtightness design must be practical. Considering the order of works, identifying hold points and interim leakage testing needs during the design phase is essential. A buildability workshop ensures successful delivery

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Acceptance Tests
Thermographic Surveys

Registered with ATTMA

The Air Tightness Testing & Measurement Association (ATTMA) is a professional association dedicated to promoting technical excellence and commercial effectiveness in all air tightness testing applications. It was formed in 2002 to promote the testing and measurement industry and supports its members by extending market awareness of the technology and the members’ services.

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