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Retrotec has evolved into the world’s leading manufacturer of building diagnostic tools, software and manufacturer’s certification for airtightness testing equipment

Aldas can recommend the following organisations when sourcing airtightness products.

Pro Clima

Pro clima provides complete airtightness and moisture management systems, including intelligent high-performance vapour retarders, sarking felt, special adhesives and adhesive tapes


From their factory in Switzerland, SIGA develop and produce high-performance products free of toxins that are resistant to ageing and provide an airtight seal for buildings of all types


Rothoblaas offers an extensive range of airtightness construction materials that respect the environment whilst ensuring the functionality of the building envelope


Ecomerchant are dedicated to making ethically sourced, sustainable building materials accessible to all at affordable prices. They stock a range of airtightness products for all applications 

Passivhaus Homes & Store

PH Homes offer specialist green building products designed for ultra-low energy buildings. They are also a major supplier of pre-fabricated kit dwellings delivering Passivhaus airtightness

Green Building Store

Green Building Store stocks the full range of award winning Pro Clima airtightness products for almost every application, walls, floors, ceilings, roofs, external and internal systems plus a wide range of accessories.



The main equipment used when carrying out airtightness testing:

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The most important tool in airtightness testing is your brain, especially when dealing with leakage prevention

Blower Door (fan)

Air Testers install blower door testing equipment (big fans) to an external opening (typically a doorway) and will use this to pressurise or depressurises the building and test over pressure differentials


A range of accessories are used on a test; a digital thermometer & barometer, gaffa tape, non toxic smoke and a thermal imaging camera are a few

Thermal Imaging

Using thermal imaging, the tester will be able to identify air leakage points where warm air is escaping, this can then be remedied where needed to make the building more energy efficient

Pulse Testing

Pulse is a portable compressed air based system which is used to measure the air leakage of a building or enclosure at a near ambient pressure level (4Pa)

Registered with ATTMA

The Air Tightness Testing & Measurement Association (ATTMA) is a professional association dedicated to promoting technical excellence and commercial effectiveness in all air tightness testing applications. It was formed in 2002 to promote the testing and measurement industry and supports its members by extending market awareness of the technology and the members’ services.

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